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Welcome to the Scottish town of Motherwell on Virtualtripping.com.

By Mark on March 15, 2012

Motherwell Town Centre, July 2010

M&D\’S Scotland\’s Theme Park

M&D\’s Theme Park

Steaua Bucuresti - Motherwell, 30 July 2009

Photo by Bornaz Sebastian

This is a picture taken from flickr of Steaua Bucuresti – Motherwell, 30 July 2009 football match. Motherwell in the orange colour.
Welcome to the large town of  Motherwell, it is also a former burgh in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, south east of Glasgow. The actual meaning of Motherwell is “Moderwelt”, and this actually appears on a map of Lanarkshire made by Timothy Pont and this map was between the years of 1583 and 1611 and was printed in the Netherlands in around 1652, but it is quite likely it that it was a very small place at that time. Now it appears, that motherwell was known as burgh from 1865 until it merged with the burgh of Wishaw in 1920.

This town made itself, with the a well known place as being the steel production capital of Scotland,and was  nicknamed Steelopolis, this was because it was the home of David Colville & Sons during the 19th and 20th centuries, and there was later a skyline that was dominated by the water tower and three cooling towers of their Ravenscraig steelworks which was to close in 1992. Motherwell really was big during the Ravenscraig plantyears, as this plant was to become one of the longest continuous casting, hot rolling, steel production facilities in the world before it was to end. At the time when the closure of Ravenscraig plant happened, this was to signal the end of large scale steel making in Scotland, but it was not all that bad as the town still has the Dalzell steel plate works, which is being run today by Tata Steel Europe who are still operating this place.

071109_ Strathclyde Park 02

Photo by Headphonaught

This is a picture taken from flickr of Strathclyde Park.
Wikipedia is saying that today, the town of motherwell is recovering from the high unemployment and economic decline which was brought about by this collapse of heavy industry. There have been alot of new businesses, that have come along to the town  like, a number of call centres and business parks like, the Strathclyde Business Park which have since set up in the region. And there has been large employers which include William Grant & Sons whisky distillers and the Heavy equipment manufacturer Terex. But of cause, today we are heading back to manufactories and businesses closing down and unemployment rising, so i am not sure what is happeing in motherwell at the present time. The town has become the headquarters for both North Lanarkshire Council, which is one of Scotland’s most populous local authority areas, and of Strathclyde Police “N” division. You will find that these organisations help to cover an overall population of 327,000 people (59,000 in Motherwell and Wishaw) and this goes throughout the 183 square miles or 470 km of North Lanarkshire.

250910_ strathclyde park #1

Photo by Headphonaught

This is a picture taken from flickr of strathclyde park.
Dalzell Estate and Baron\’s Haugh


Photo by Daimen.Richards

This is a picture taken from flickr of M&D theme park ride.
So if you were to vist, Motherwell what would you find there, well there happens to be places of interset like the town’s Country Park, there is also a Heritage Centre on High Road, this is next to the town’s railway station, it is a building that shows the history of Motherwell from the Roman era. And if you get the chance to visit this building, there is a viewing tower on the fifth floor, which gives visitors a good view of the town and other parts of Lanarkshire. There is the Civic Centre, where there has been a number of pantomimes and musicals in the centre’s large concert hall. As well as this, the Masters Snooker has also been an event held at the Civic Centre. You can also visit Dalzell House which again is a building that is situated to the South of the town, it lies right on the banks of the River Clyde. And the house is protected as a Category-A listed building. But one of the main attractions to the town happens to be the M&D’s Theme Park, and this you can find next to Strathclyde Loch in Strathclyde Park. And this is one of Scotland’s top theme parks. Finally there is the contemporary church in Motherwell which is called Clyde Valley Community Church and this appears to be coming very popular to see and visit. So you will find plenty of things to do within motherwell and of cause it is not to far away from the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow.

Cows in Dalzell Estate

Photo by ABowmanPhotography

This is a picture taken from flickr of Cows in Dalzell Estate.

River and Sun

Photo by ABowmanPhotography

This is a picture taken from flickr of a River and Sun at Dalzell Estate.

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2 Responses to “Welcome to the Scottish town of Motherwell on Virtualtripping.com.”

  1. Lucy Kelly
    8:39 am on March 31st, 2012

    Oh Mark your post is very interesting to me. I really enjoyed your write-up and the pictures. And you are most welcome. Thanks!!!

  2. Mark
    7:01 pm on April 5th, 2012

    Thankyou Lucy for your lovely comments, kind regards Mark.

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