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This is Christmas time in Bethlehem, Palestine, near Israel.

By Mark on December 22, 2011

Visiting Jesus Birthplace (Bethlehem) on Christmas Day
Jesus Birth Place Bethlehem

Herald angel, Waltham Abbey

Photo by TheRevSteve

This is a picture taken from flickr of the an angel talking to shepherds.

The Epiphany, Waltham Abbey

Photo by TheRevSteve

This is a picture taken from flickr of the three kings giving gifts to the baby jesus.
Christmas is a special time for many christian families and so as christmas is now almost upon us, then i thought i should bring up this previous post that i did and we can learn alittle bit about the christian story, whether it is true or not, it comes down to your own belief’s.
Most of us would have heard the story sometime in our lives, so it should not come to a surprise, when you read this post.  The Christmas story begins with the birth of Jesus Christ to Mary and Joseph. I am going to take you through the town that Jesus was born into. Bethlehem was under Roman control and the leader Julius Ceasar. Has you can imagine, the times were hard and people were always looking for some kind of inspiration. So when this little boy was born, a cloud lifted off Bethlehem and Palestine. But of course many people were unsure of this baby and what this baby could and would do for the peoples of Bethlehem, Jerusalem and other towns and villages within the area. Most of us know that Jesus was born in a stable , as there was no room at the inns. But how people new about this birth is a mystery to me. The three kings following the star of Bethlehem and bringing with them gold, frankincense and myrrh. The shepherds and Angels come to visit, worship and help as well. Below we have satellite images, pictures and videos of Bethlehem, the Christmas celebrations and the birth place of Jesus Christ.

Baby Jesus in the manger

Photo by javaturtle

This is a picture taken from flickr of Baby Jesus in the manger.

The Birth Place of Baby Jesus

Photo by kudumomo

This is a picture taken from flickr of The Birth Place of Baby Jesus.
Bethlehem is a small town south of Jerusalem, also known as Bayt Lahm in arabic.
This town has moved from Palestine to Israeli control and finally back to Palestine. This town as seen alot of trouble for many years, after the state of Israel exsisted. Will there ever be peace?, now the problem is that Bethlehem has a mixture of Israeli and Palestinans. They both believe that Bethlehem belongs to them.
First mentioned in the Egyptians records of the 14th century. Back then it was known as the native city of King David. The more common known fact is that Bethlehem is the birth place of Jesus and in the year 330 Constantine built and church over the possible site of his birth.
I wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year. All the best Mark.

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